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Have you ever thought about developing your own line of stamping plates but found the process daunting and minimum order quantities required put the idea out of reach?

Messy Mansion has just opened it’s designer program to help budding plate designers get started, and will help you through every step of the way.

With an initial investment as low as a few hundred dollars to cover the first round of manufacturing expenses, you can get your new brand launched and in front of thousands of stamping fans!


Upon registering your interest, we’ll send you a template file for the 7cm plates in .svg format to use as the basis of your designs.   The SVG format is a vector file format which can be used in all of the poplular vector editing programs, as well as free software programs such as Inkscape.

(1) Once you have completed your design, send your design to us and remit your initial investment to get the ball rolling.

(2) We will then review your design and make any suggestions (such as if the lines are too fine etc.) and work with you to get a great result.

(3) We will then forward your design to our manufacturers to have samples made.  Once we have received the samples, we will retain one to test and also send you samples for your testing.   We may suggest any final adjustments at this point to ensure that the designs all transfer well to the nail.

(4) Once the file has been adjusted we will work with the manufacturer to have 100 plates produced for you.  These can either be shipped directly to you or to us.  (If you wish to split shipping, and have, say, half sent to you and half to us, there will be an additional shipping cost incurred.)

(5) Once we have received the completed plates, we will market and sell them for you at our standard price point of $7 USD.  Profit from the plates will be split 50/50, so you will receive the manufacturing cost back plus your profit share for every plate sold.  These earnings are remitted to you on a monthly basis.   We cover the following from our share of the profit:  plate storage, marketing,  promotion, packing and picking, and packaging.

If this is something that appeals to you, please contact us at to receive further details and the .svg template file.

Looking forward to working with you soon!